Nuvula is brand with two essential characteristics: avant-garde design and sustainability. The repertoire of our designs is wide and varied. There is a confidant and bold use of color and/or colored accents, or period references brought into a contemporary aesthetic and wearability that makes it different and yet very relatable at the same time.

Nuvula’s Philosophy and Design Concepts

Nuvula merges original illustration, music, rebellion, poetry, theater, narrative and, a bit of madness. We are and were an eco-conscious, eco-friendly company from our founding beginnings, with sustainable fabrics at the heart of our soul. We strive to maintain great integrity in the use of green materials and a thorough knowledge and supervision of the entire manufacturing process. Most of our T-shirts and garments are made in either bamboo, modal, micro-modal, and rayon; likewise, we only use vegan or artificial leathers and minimize the use of polyesters. No animal products are used at any point in the process. We abstain from using any fur-like material in our collections to discourage and diminish the public’s appetite for fur. One of our main design concepts is to reinvent what are known as the “staples” of fashion, deconstructing and expanding their use. We are constantly trying to find unexpected relationships between lines and new ways to partition a woman’s silhouette in a way that is refreshing, sensual and compelling. Our T-shirts and sporty tops are used as the canvas or medium to tell stories with original illustrations and poetry (printed only on the inside of the garment), or short illustrated plays, as in theater. Finding a balance between a rich use of color with a high level of sophistication is another important goal in our designs. The brand style and designs have been recognized as avant-garde in many aspects but we also want to evolve along with the most interesting and compelling trends that emerge each year, reinterpreting them in our way, reinventing existing forms, contrasting fabrics in unexpected ways, oftentimes drawing on centuries’ old elements and designs and hybridizing them into our time. Our influence ranges from the performing arts to painting and literature.As a brand, we’ve explored the world of ballet and dance performance, the circus, abstract painting, the psychedelic sixties with its sharp geometric aesthetics, dandyism, Elizabethan times, the golden era of jazz, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and a lot of rock and roll mischief. Our work is the playground for our imagination. We aim for our audience to inhabit a slightly heightened reality inside of our garments, to summon the rebel and artist within them to WeAr ThEir iMaGiNaTioN!


The main fiber throughout the collection is bamboo, followed by rayon and modal-all sustainable fabrics. Bamboo is known for its intrinsic coolness, silkiness, antibacterial and natural UV protection properties. All leather and leather accents were made in vegan leather. To accomplish movement and flow a mixture of beautiful chiffons and ultra light cottons were also used.

Social/charitable commitments and missions

Nuvula has and will continue to develop some of its garments with messages and illustrations that spread positive social change and/or calls to action. Consequently, we donate the proceeds from the sale of those products to various charities and non-profit orgs around the world. Our current focus is Darfur. Nuvula is helping and supporting environmental organizations and helping with some projects relative to cleaning the ocean.